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One of the most complained problems of back is lower back pain (or also known as low back pain). Many people improve the condition by taking pain-relieving medications, remaining active, and applying heat on the area affected. In some other cases, back problem is difficult to treat. Read more what is chiropractic care?

Back chiropractic is highly recommended for low back pain. In treating the pain, the back chiropractor will apply a technique called spinal manipulation. Not only relieving the low-back pain, this technique will also improve your health.

Spinal manipulation can treat mild to moderate low back pain. In some cases, chiropractors will accompany the treatment with other approaches, such as using a firm mattress and applying heat. Side effects may occur, which include minor discomfort and pain, and tiredness. Serious complications are very rare. However, if done by a licensed and trained chiropractor, chiropractic treatment is 100% safe. Moreover, it is natural treatment which involves no drug and surgery.

How Much Effective is Back Chiropractic for Back Pain?

Some studies showed that spinal manipulation can treat mild to moderate back pain. An analysis reported that spinal manipulation was more effective than placebo and as effective as medication to treat back pain.

Chiropractor will focus on the spinal manipulation surrounding the structures. Another study also showed that patients with non-specific chronic low back pain who are treated with initial intensive manipulative therapy, and followed with maintenance spinal manipulation, show enhanced long-term results.

Another problem in the back area that is suffered by people is thoracic spine (upper back) pain. This condition usually causes painful sensations due to the irritated muscle. Back chiropractic adjustment is also proven as effective for upper back pain as it is for lower back pain.

For the prevention, patients can consult to the sydney chiropractic to see any possible interference in the spinal and nerve system, especially in the back area. To ensure your back health, as well as overall body health, regular chiropractic adjustment is very much needed.