Back spasm is a contraction of a muscle, which is usually spontaneous and abnormal, that occurs in the back near the nerve roots or the spinal cord. This spasm can be very painful and can lead to severe back pain. The pain will be felt especially when the sufferers do a twisting, pulling, or pushing.

When your muscle is strained or swollen, you will probably get spasm. The muscle and tendon can be torn by any great force. The cause of back spasm is mostly sports, including weight lifting, basketball, football, golf, etc.

Back spasm is risky because it can cause many problems including any back weakness (such as disk rupture, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, arthritis, spondylolysis, or tumor), weak or inflexible spinal muscles, weak stomach muscles, lordosis, tight hamstrings, and forward tipped pelvis.

How to Treat Back Spasm?

Back spasm is only a symptom of a back problem, just like fever is a symptom of infection. So, treating the spasm means treating the irritation that causes it. The first thing to do is restoring its normal function and allowing body to heal first.

Resting the back first to let the muscle strengthen is good but bed rest is not recommended for long term because it can expand the healing time. You can rest by laying your back on the floor with a pillow under your knees. You can also bend your knees, with your leg resting on a chair. This can help your back to heal. Some other things you can do is applying heat on the back for 20-30 minutes or taking anti-inflammatory medications.

After your back heals, you can visit back adjustment chiropractor for further treatment. Your chiropractor will do some examination to see what really happens with your spine. They will do spinal manipulation to remove any subluxation in the spine to further improve your balance and health. Your chiropractor can also create a rehabilitation plan which is based on your special needs along with regular chiropractic adjustment back to prevent the recurrence of back spasm and pain.